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Delivering IT solutions throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom for over thirty years.

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Partners - European Electronique

European Electronique is a successful privately owned company with a turnover of £58M and 158 permanent members of staff.

Employing 158 industry professionals enables us to keep most of our services "In House", giving us the edge over our sub-contracting competitors. We feel that this approach offers our customers peace of mind with a single point of contact. In addition, we have a number of strategic partnerships to provide specialised products and services and have developed the skills to integrate these technologies into our solutions.

The company has spent twenty years forging relationships with both globally recognised and 'best of breed' manufacturers. We are working with partners to deliver cutting edge technologies and have developed the skills to integrate complex solutions through consultancy, design, implementation, project management and support services. Our success in the Government Academy programme is second to none and may be regarded as a benchmark for delivery of ICT solutions to education establishments and this is being replicated across HE, FE and other New Build projects.

European Electronique is an 'Approved supplier for the Department for Education's ICT Services Framework Agreement" (formerly Becta). We are also accredited by OGC Buying Solutions as an approved provider of commoditised IT hardware, making us one of only a handful of partners in the UK to hold both accreditations. Our success is underpinned by the award of approved supplier status for many other government and regional procurement frameworks such as:

  • >  Networking Equipment and Consultancy for Convergent Solutions (NEUPC)
  • >  Crescent Purchasing Consortia (CPC)
  • >  Oxfordshire County Council
  • >  BBC - approved supplier
  • >  Government Procurement Service (GPS) G-Cloud Framework
  • >  OGC Buying Solutions
  • >  Department for Education's ICT Services Framework Agreement" (formerly Becta).
  • >  National Servers and Storage Agreement (NSSA), partnered with Fujitsu
  • >  National Education Printers Agreement (NEPA), partnered with Kyocera